Friday, March 15, 2013

Greenwald = Krauthammer

For folks who suggest that Obama = Bush, doesn't it also hold that Greenwald = Krauthammer?

For years now Greenwald has been arguing for transparency and due process in the use of drones. He even recently wrote an article outlining how the war on terror can never end. So in other words, his position seems to be that we need to codify the war rather than end it.

Krauthammer agrees:
It is time to rethink. That means not repealing the original AUMF but, using the lessons of the past 12 years, rewriting it with particular attention to a new code governing drone warfare and the question of where, when and against whom it should be permitted.
Before any Greenwald acolytes get all hot and bothered, I don't really think that - other than in this particular way - Greenwald actually agrees with Krauthammer on most foreign policy issues. Its simply demonstrates how completely ridiculous it is to say that Obama = Bush.

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