Monday, March 18, 2013

I Know

This one goes out to all of you who are saying "that shit ain't gonna work this time" to whoever needs to hear it.


  1. I literally just caught myself doing the "Oh My God I LOVE this song!" dance move (ala The Evolution of Mom Dancing) as I LOVE this song AND Dionne Farris. And yeah, It's NOT gonna work this time! More and more folks can "recognize the symptoms". Thanks for posting this (as well as that Amos Lee clip a few posts back-dayum! Another great talent). I enjoy your daily commentary and musical selections

  2. That's my shit. It's sick when she threw in that "You should know." I was thinking about this song for a few weeks. I appreciate you putting that up.


  3. Mo'nin, Ms. Pants

    Alright. I'll admit it...NEVER heard this. I blame my daughter, though. She's how I would tend to hear 90's popular stuff. So, now I join the chorus of "where has Dionne Farris been" (I, honestly, was familiar with "Arrested Development")? Been playin' it all morning (LOVE the slide work in the background).
    And, now I'm mad because, for whatever the reason, it's not on Spotify.
    "Iknowwhyyou're singgggging losssstlove thelyricshaven't cha a a a anged".

    Oh, yes, Ms. Pants...this is all your fault :-).

    You do be jammin', girl.

    1. Hey Mr. Blackman

      See if you can find her song "Stop to Think" from her "Wild Seed/Wild Flower" cd. It is another one from the 90's that spoke to the crack cocaine epidemic of the time...powerful shit!!!!


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