Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stormy weather for Speaker Boehner

Congress needs to pass a continuing resolution this month in order to avoid a government shut-down. As Brian Buetler notes, this is something Speaker Boehner wants to get done.  But there are signs that he might be having some trouble with that from his lunatic caucus.

This one is really quite amusing. The vote on the CR was originally scheduled for Thursday. But claiming there could be trouble with an incoming snow storm in DC, it has been moved up to tomorrow. The funny thing is that the weather forecast suggests that the snowstorm will hit tomorrow and things will have cleared up by Thursday.

The speculation is that Boehner is starting to bleed votes for the CU and wants to bring this one up fast to avoid an embarrassment. He has reason to be worried. FreedomWorks is rallying support for a "no" vote. As I suggested the other day, 30 Republican House members have now signed a letter saying they want Obamacare defunded in the CU. And 19 House Republicans have signed another letter saying they want the contraception coverage in Obamacare defunded in the CU. 

Houston...we have a problem.

Meanwhile, President Obama is reaching out to potential members of the common sense caucus to talk to them about some sanity in this whole budget/sequester mess.

So this one goes out with a special dedication to the Orange Man ;-)

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