Friday, March 8, 2013

The extremists are actually fueling arguments to expand the "drone war"

For years now the extremists on the left have been making all the wrong arguments. They've focused on the issue of a particular weapon - drones - and have couched all of their arguments within the frame of domestic civil liberties.

This week they were joined in all of that distraction by the extremists on the right.

Now we get this kind of nonsense from the mainstream media as represented by the Washington Post editorial board.
As we have previously argued, there is no cause for most of the secrecy in which the drone operations are shrouded. The political backlash against them, both at home and abroad, could be diminished if the administration were to conduct strikes with regular military forces, rather than the CIA, and report on them as it does all other military operations. More important, the administration could greatly increase the legitimacy and sustainability of the strikes by openly laying out the criteria under which they can be carried out and by seeking congressional authorization. That framework could include special measures for the targeting of U.S. citizens, such as review by a secret court when practicable. It could also give Mr. Obama the explicit authority to expand the use of drones to countries where al-Qaeda is establishing itself, such as Mali and Syria.

Mr. Holder acknowledged to a Senate committee before Mr. Paul spoke that “there is a greater need for transparency” about the drone war and that he expects Mr. Obama to speak about it. A presidential speech would certainly be welcome. But only disclosure and congressional authorization will solve this problem.
You see what they've done there? They've taken all of these arguments the left has been promulgating for the last few years and used them as a JUSTIFICATION for not only the current war - but its expansion. Now we're not only talking about a "war on terror" or a "war on al Qaeda," but a truly global "drone war" - which will all be possible if we simply adopt the transparency the left has made a central focus.

This kind of bullshit really makes me want to scream! As I've been saying for quite a while now, we should be talking about how to end this indefinite war...not how to codify it.


  1. One of the things that they also overlook is that most of the drone strikes are done with "regular military forces." The CIA may be designating the targets, but it's the Air Force which is carrying out the attacks.

    One of the things that Rand Paul got called out on was his assertion that the military could use drones to strike US citizens on American soil, which is pretty damn stupid.

  2. I have always argued that the left zealots' bleatings are usually parroted by the GOP and the RW mighty wurlitzer, and SP, you make the case. Thanks.


  3. "we should be talking about how to end this indefinite war...not how to codify it."

    YES YES YES!!!