Sunday, March 31, 2013

What happens when Republicans don't have fiscal issues to talk about

Recently I read something (can't remember where now) about the fact that Republicans have to talk about the debt/deficit because when they go off that script, all hell breaks lose for them.

As I was catching up on the news this morning, I realized how true that is.

For example:

Republicans are tripping over each other lately to distance themselves from Rep. Don Young's comments about "wetbacks."

And then there's Dave Agema, Republican National Committee Member, who refused to backtrack on his hateful anti-gay Facebook posting.

There's also the problem with rising conservative star Dr. Ben Carson suggesting that gay marriage is some kind of slippery slope to bestiality.

In general, the lunatics are in quite a tither. Apparently the traditionalists are freaked out that the new Pope washed the feet of a couple of young women and Rush Limbaugh says that the fact that Americans aren't copasetic with what Dr. Carson said means that conservatives have lost the country.

But for these folks nothing - and I mean NOTHING - signals the end of the world as we know it more than the fact that the totally extremist company Google chose to honor Cesar Chavez on Easter (this from the same folks who thought it was cool to celebrate Easter with a retrospective on Playboy bunnies).

What more evidence do you need that the conservative movement is a beast lashing out in its final death throes? Obviously liberals are winning the argument on immigration reform, marriage equality, and gun reform. Perhaps conservatives would be better off going back to talking about taking away granny's Medicare and Social Security ;-)

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  1. The answer is quite obvious, Ms. Smartypants, they begin to nitpick about anything that is remotely related to Christianity, LGBTQ Americans, and People of Color. As a retired U.S. history teacher, I found their confusion about Cesar Chavez vs. Hugo Chavez very amusing. They seem to never tire of showing how ignorant they are. Blog owners like Malkin never research anything. They just pick up the talking point of the day and run with it.

    Although Dr. Ben Carson is a very intelligent man and a gifted surgeon, he should refrain from making comments on certain issues. I think what some conservative higher ups are trying to do is give him a lot of media exposure, hoping that he'll run for POTUS in 2016 or 2020. What they don't know is that we Black Americans won't vote for him in large numbers because he carries the GOP's anti-regulation, deprive Americans of affordable healthcare, worship the wealthy, Big Oil can do no wrong stench on his person. They can run him as POTUS, but they shouldn't be disappointed when over 90% of us don't vote for him. Maybe then they'll get a clue and wise up and realize that we didn't vote for PBO because of his race.

    Agema is just more of the same LGBTQ bigotry that republicans have been pushing for over 30 years. It doesn't surprise me that he refuses to apologize for the lies and smears he posted on FB. I've noticed that, for many republicans, apologizing is for "others" because they're always right and have no need to apologize.

    Don Young is a bigot and a racist. When he used the term "wetbacks," he meant everything he said. That's how he thinks of Latinos. The only reason he apologized was due to the pressure he received from his party members. I don't accept this type of apology as having any legitimacy because without the pressure, Young wouldn't have said another word about the issue. John McCain said last week that he'd continue calling undocumented immigrants "illegals," and this tells me all I need to know about how his and his party members' minds work.

    I saw nothing wrong with Pope Gregory washing the feet of women or speaking about the friendship the Church has with Muslims. One can't reach out to, or form bonds with, those they reject 24/7/365. After reading the reactions of some of his detractors in the clergy, I noticed that they're more concerned about sticking to the rules of the Catholic Church than they are about bringing others to Christ, and it's sad.