Sunday, April 7, 2013

Could a war end and no one notices?

Most of the talk about drones lately has been focused on fear-mongering about their domestic use. That was the whole point of Rand Paul's ridiculous filibuster. And when we're not being distracted by suggestions that President Obama will drop hellfire on us from the sky while we're drinking coffee in a cafe, we're being warned about how the technology of drone surveillance will strip away our rights to privacy.

There's a reason why the subject has been changed. I wrote about it a few weeks ago...the use of drones in the war on al Qaeda has almost come to a standstill. Since I wrote that, there has been one drone strike in Pakistan and zero in Yemen. In the meantime, John Brennan has initiated a plan to discontinue the CIA's involvement in the use of drones - which have been focused on Pakistan.

The question this raises...could a war end and no one notices?


  1. Well, the people on the receiving end of the war will certainly notice. But dammit if I expect the nattering nabobs of negativity to do the same.

  2. When talking about weapons of war, I think it might be time to be a little more concerned about those great big ones that adolescent in North Korea has at his disposal.

    1. Agreed. And maybe drone attacks will or will not pick back up again in Pakistan. But I feel pretty good that we'll see an increase in their use over North Korea.