Friday, April 12, 2013

Sneetches on the beaches

Over the last couple of days, I've written about how the inclusion of chained CPI in President Obama's budget has dislodged the dangerous homeostasis that had developed in federal budget negotiations as well as reminded us that part of Obama's soft power involves maintaining your own balance while disrupting your opponent's.

And now Jared Bernstein weighs in with a much more fun way of saying the same thing.
The President’s offer to cut spending on Medicare and Social Security is confusing some conservatives. In the past, they’ve of course labeled such cuts a sign of Seriousness but his budget caught them off balance...

Anyway, initial responses ranged from the incoherent—”I don’t see this as fundamental entitlement reform as much as clarifying a statistic which does happen to save money” (Paul Ryan)—to the opportunistic “Let’s set aside our differences and come together on things we can agree on” (Eric Cantor saying let’s do CPI but not the higher tax revenues in the budget)—to the faux-outraged House GOP campaign chair Greg Walden who labeled the President’s budget a “shocking attack on seniors.”
Bernstein then goes on to point out how Rep. Walden earned himself a primary challenge from the Club for Growth for his remarks and ends with this.
Here Walden’s just engaging in standard guerilla tactics and he gets thrown under the bus for taking a position that is suspiciously close to Bernie Sanders. It’s starting to look like Sneetches on the beaches around here, folks!
If you don't get the Dr. Seuss reference to "Sneetches," check out the link. Its hilarious.


  1. I always thought the Sneetches was about in group power dynamics. The story's shitting on the tea billies. If they really want to go there they need the tale of the Zaks. It's for the country.


    1. Damn, I misread what Bernstein was saying. I still prefer the Zax.


  2. If it takes becoming a republican to pass legislation that Sanders supports, count me as a republican.