Thursday, May 30, 2013

But for some, there's only one problem...

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  1. This is an incredible analogy of President Obama. It is unfortunate that the progress of our country is stymied by racial prejudice. As an african american southern child of the civil rights era, I know how the bigots will endure all and any nonsense at whatever cost just to keep a black man in the place that they think is appropriate. They cannot fathom that a black man is the POTUS. Since America became a nation, never could that have imagined that a black man was elected President not once but twice. Since it has happened, they will try and impeach him and work to overturn his presidency as if it never happened. To do this, they must stop progress. Their goal is to eradicate congress of any member that does not believe as they believe, while simultaneously changing local and state governments to be lock and step with them and their mess. They've got billionaires to back them, so they don't have to worry about fund raising so much. Those billionaires that they are kneeling to will one day turn on them when they have sifted them of all their very soul. Here's a message for them Barack Obama is the President of The United States, and his work is for all the people of this nation including them. Accept or reject him if you will, but the work he has done and continue to do will benefit you in the end. Just watch and see.


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