Saturday, May 25, 2013

Speaking of victims...Tavis Smiley SOOO wants to join that party

I just finished writing about the need to empower victims when I ran across this story about Tavis Smiley.
Smiley contends that members of the Obama administration, whom he didn’t identify, have pressured sponsors to drop their support of his projects, including his anti-poverty initiatives.
Oh puhleeze! Does Tavis really think the White House cares about his sorry-ass "projects?" And just what "anti-poverty initiatives" is he talking about? The only one I've heard about lately is that he and his buddy Cornel West wanted us to petition the White House to sponsor an anti-poverty conference. You where guys like them could preen for the cameras to TALK about how horrible poverty is without DOING a g-d thing about it.

And what sponsors are they that Smiley thinks the White House might be trying to pressure? Of course he won't say. But perhaps he's talking about his relationship with the plutocrats (one of West's favorite words) at Wells Fargo and their "Ghetto Loan" program. No? Mr. Smiley's spokeswoman identifies the one sponsor that's sticking with him:
Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the PBS show’s underwriter since the start, has “consistently stood by our side,” said a Smiley spokeswoman.
Yes, you read that right. Mr. Smiley's major sponsor these days is Wall-Mart - the largest purveyor of poverty in the country.

One other fascinating tidbit from this article:
Smiley speaks to an overwhelmingly white audience on his Public Radio International shows and on TV, and said he appreciates the opportunity to introduce them to a different perspective.
In other words, the African American community has pretty much abandoned Mr. Smiley and he's eeking it out on PBS with the elite white liberals who are their base. But in a classic case of avoiding any personal responsibility for that - he's attempting to claim the victim mantel and blame it on the nasty folks who occupy the White House. I'd suggest that Mr. Smiley go take a look at what President Obama said to those young brothers at Morehouse last week..."no more excuses."


  1. tavis appears to be firebaggers' proverbial Black Friend.

  2. 'Afternoon, Ms. Pants

    PreZACTly, good sheriff. And, Ms. Pants....

    As is SO often the case, you can TRUly "BRANG" it!

    And, the people would say: "I heard THAT"!!!

  3. These poverty pimps never mention the way out of poverty is through hard work, family unity and education. My father didn't need any poverty programs courtesy of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, to move his family from an apartment to a home of our own. He did it with a GI loan, savings bonds and a job driving trucks. His children have learned from his example. A lot of good people gave their lives to take the shackles off our hands and feet. People like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have made a career trying to convince us to keep shackles on our minds.

  4. I remember the day when I used to listen to Tavis Smiley everyday he was on Tom Joyner radio show. Today I have no respect for Tavis. I was so glad the day Mr. Joyner kick him off his show, every since then Tavis has been going down.

  5. Man, couldn't happen to a more deserving narcissistic prima donna of the so-called 'Professional Left'. If it is true, I suspect team Obama care less about impressing corporate friendly white liberals and demanding results - unlike the George W. Bush administration or tenure of Tavis's "good pal" (read white patron) Bill Clinton, who would throw money at any Negro loudmouth who feigned "doing good for the community".

    In his rather dry way - the Obama administration was saying "Negro Please!"

    That man and his ilk of self-appointed Black leaders are such poverty pimps I wouldn't be surprised if smiley and West owned rhinestone encrested canes and matching lavender suits.


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