Saturday, June 15, 2013

Is it possible to talk about the inequities in our justice system without mentioning race?

I guess it is if you're two white guys.

I post this for two reasons. The first is that it is one of the most blatant examples of white privilege I've ever seen. Even a blue dog like former Senator Jim Webb made the racial inequities of our current criminal justice system the center piece of his attempts at reform. And if you're going to talk about our history, how about discussing the decades when - for all practical purposes - there actually was no justice system for African American...lynching via mob violence was adequate.

My second reason is that this is the backdrop from which many of us are viewing Glenn Greenwald's reporting these days. Its not just that he's blind to his own white privilege, he regularly ignores whole parts of a story in order to bend it to the agenda he wants to promote. Some of us have been watching him do that for years now. Little by little others are beginning to catch on.


  1. Do I have to watch him? (whine) I don't wanna!

    Edited to add: "unnecessary pssopea can lead to internal blockages" (just playing a game of making a sentence out of the captcha words-from 538 blog in '08)

  2. Your comment on Greenwald is enlightening (he regularly ignores whole parts of a story in order to bend it to the agenda he wants to promote) and I challenge you to take it to the next level as see that it is way easier to see in in others than in ourselves. Your comment about Greenwald is probably as true of him as it is you and I. If we don't acknowledge this in ourselves, and constantly fight to be honest and see the others POV, and honestly wrestle with it, then we are naive and arrogant and no better than Greenwald, The "right" and "left" are not full of idiots that have no bases for what they say and believe, but many or most are bright, honest, and intelligent, but they just differ in what they see as the problem or the solution. Putting down the right (or the left) on a consistent basis and making them sound like fools and idiots is not accurate nor is it right.


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