Thursday, January 30, 2014

#RockEnroll Flashmob in Central Park

Four years ago, Al Giordano had some advice for the "protest movement" (yeah, I'm looking at you OWS).
Add a coherent political message, banners, leaflets, a dance tune that resonates with the message, and such to a dancing musical flash mob like these and you have the seeds of a new, more effective, kind of protest than the tired old marching around in circles of the last century that has ceased to win any cause for anyone.
Yesterday the young people of Generation Progress took it to Central Park with Donte Stallworth to encourage young people to "Get Covered."

That's how its done, folks.


  1. There is such power in positive messages. Even though the crowd was small (it WAS awfully cold!) the YouTube submission is huge. Harnessing energy in positive messages does change the world!

  2. They are demonstrating unity. It's a whole lot more uplifting and inspiring than an atomized group of people who showed up to one place to rally for their personal pet cause. Wonderful! It's always a pleasure to see happy, energetic, and motivated youth reaching out to their community in the spirit of the social good. It bodes well for their future.


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