Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Faces of Change

I promised pictures of the Moral March, and here they are. These are just a few of the photographs taken by an amazing photographer Adrian Resa Jones. You can see her whole flickr page from the march at that link.

Those, my friends, are the faces of change. And when you put them all together - they look like this...

So if you are ever tempted to get discouraged and think the lunatics are winning, just go take a look at these faces and rest assured that, as Rev. Barber said:
So we're not confused, we're not schizophrenic, we are quite clear, we're clothed in our right minds, WE KNOW WHO WE ARE, we believe we've been born for this moment. Anybody that thought difficulties would depress us better look again. Resurrection always wins. Justice always wins. Love always wins. Courage always wins.


  1. What wonderful photos!! Thank you Rev Barber and thank you SP!! It made my day!

  2. As PBO says....NOTHING can STOP 1000s of voices calling for Change!!....Amen


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