Monday, June 2, 2014

Benghazi? What Benghazi?

Over the years I've watched as people criticized President Obama's administration for being bad at the public relations game. And so today I'm having a little chuckle about that. Because at this point, he is SO controlling the agenda that the lunatics can't figure out which head-exploding action to focus on.

Remember a few weeks ago when conventional wisdom said that Republicans would be running on an anti-Obamacare platform in the 2014 midterms? With its actual success, they were forced to change their tune and the prediction was that it would be all Benghazi all the time. But wait, the President paid a visit to our troops in Afghanistan to remind us that war will be over soon and gave a major foreign policy speech. Gotta talk about that outrage, don't we? Just about when that got rolling came news that Sergeant Bergdahl was coming home...oh my...he's negotiating with terrists! That surely will be the  one thing everyone is talking about until November. And then today he launched the war on coal and will be traveling abroad this week. Cue the hysteria.

How in hell are the lunatics supposed to keep up?

I told you a few days ago that this was going to be a summer of action by President Obama, didn't I? Can't wait to see what's next!


  1. Lame duck will apply for Obama from now on. Experts are still predicting a Republican swing in the Senate with a possible Republican majority in the Senate. Obama has never had any cooperation by Republicans. Obama has done some things through executive authority alone, recently. I'm not as optimistic as you seem to be, for the possibility of Obama getting anything done this Summer, or for the next two years.

    1. is this a paragrah from "the ONion"...

    2. Well anon I'm much more optimistic than Sheba Lo because most people on the planet are not as susceptible to rightwing and/or racist PSYOPS as some of our melanin deficient, uneducated, unread working class and poor in the American Midwest and South. I imagine the President will get a great deal done this summer. Try turning off FOX HATE NEWS and picking up a history book. Really there's nothing new here. Our melanin deficient brethren as described above have always reacted the same way to change. What's changed now with a black President is the wealthy right wing class has used their vast resources to try and kill off poor white people. They don't want them to have health care, clean drinking water, clean air, healthy school menus for their children, a college education, or WIC for their infants. Very very sad.

    3. I was replying to attempt at sarcasm!

  2. SP I am totally with you. In some ways you have made PBO transparent with a smile. Watching him and smiling. He has learned to slither, swagger and still be cool! Gotta love him!

  3. Bless your heart - You hate the PRESIDENT because he is 1000xs better than you and everyone you know. Oh well Jealousy is a bitch dressed up in a white sheet and dunce hood.

  4. Stop being an insulting ass just because someone disagrees with you and check again what I said, then come back in Sept. and see if I was right. Geez another blog full of azz holes.


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