Thursday, June 5, 2014


I'm having a bit of a chuckle at my peers who - in the midst of all the lunacy over the prisoner exchange - have been trying to explain that George W. Bush released hundreds of Gitmo prisoners and that Ronald Reagan traded arms for hostages.

The reason why I laugh is because of the assumption that any of this is about a rational argument. When we go there, it gives this nonsense credibility. Thank goodness Michelle Malkin did us a favor by actually saying what its all about.
The Bowe Bergdahl mess isn't just a story about one deserter, but two.
Just in case you missed it, the second "deserter" is the guy a majority of people in this country elected President...twice.

As these hysteria eruptions come and go, it always helps to remember that there is a faction in this country that never accepted the legitimacy of PRESIDENT Obama. In case Malkin's truth-telling doesn't convince you that's what all this is about, the whole incident has put life back into every tin-foil hat conspiracy theory about the President along with this new one that showed up on my facebook page:
My take: The release of Bergdahl has little to nothing to do with getting one of our own back. It has everything to do with finding an excuse to unleash the 5 Taliban leaders to reunite with their troops. And with a little over 2 years left of the POTUS term, it gives them plenty of time to create and execute a new attack on the USA. That way, Obama can declare a national emergency, shut down the campaigns, suspend all elections, declare Martial Law and set himself up as Supreme Potentate. He has a very dangerous agenda. If he can't find a crisis to exploit, he'll create one.
I guess that since that whole FEMA re-education camp thing didn't materialize, its time to conjure up a "Supreme Potentate" scenario.

We can pretend like this kind of thing comes from ideological or partisan disagreements. But that would mean an actual discussion of those differences at some point, wouldn't it? Nope, this lunacy springs from a whole different source.

Racism has always been at odds with rational discussions because it is a fear-based notion at its core. That's what we're dealing with here...plain and simple. To address it in any other terms is to totally miss the point. These people have never accepted the legitimacy of Obama's presidency - and they likely never will. I find that its helpful to keep that in mind.


  1. I'd like to think there is a hidden background agenda. One to empty the Guantanamo Gulag and return to the rule of law and international convention for prisoner/detainees. I have no reason to believe that is what is actually happening, it's just my hope that it is.
    That said, the fact that I can still tell the difference between what I wish for and what I actually know, is the thin boundary that separates me, for the moment, from conspiracy theorists. On the other hand, I'd like to start a rumor that the remaining prisoners will be traded for Snowden, if Putin agrees to leave the Ukraine alone.

  2. jackdetate - I think you're correct, though I'd leave Snowden out of it as a complication that makes even MY head explode. The fact is that at the end of the war in Afghanistan, the existing prisoners WILL be released because that is what is always done. We turned over very hardened Nazis who were here in the US. Are these unindicted Muslims worse? I don't think so. Gitmo will stand but empty. So the RW will then have to have their heads explode.

    The overlooked issue about the five who were released is that the reason they were never tried is that most likely they'd been tortured. We cannot use 'evidence' gained from such actions in a court of law, military or civilian. Any further information comes from that poisoned well anyway. Thank you Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. With no way to even know if they ever had done anything or were just hapless victims of over zealous capture, the president had little choice but to send them to Qatar for less restrictive detention. After all - we are not at war with the Taliban however much we have been engaging them. We are at war with Al Q'aeda. These men never were proven to be in alliance with the latter, so release is the right thing to do. The 'recidivism' rate for Bush's prisoner release is 30%. So far for President Obama it is 7.5%. I think this Commander in Chief is far more savvy than most people give him credit for.