Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obama Derangement Syndrome

Nate Cohn has written an interesting article addressing the question about whether or not President Obama's approval ratings will affect other Democrats in upcoming elections. Buried in his argument is this little nugget:
Nonetheless, Mr. Clinton earned significantly higher general approval ratings than Mr. Obama because he earned considerable crossover support, including from about 30 percent of Republicans. Mr. Obama’s opposition has been extremely unified. That makes it difficult for Mr. Obama to earn overall approval ratings at or above 50 percent.
The next time you hear someone say that Republicans were just as hard on Clinton as they've been on President Obama, there's your comeback.

The truth is that there has been a unified ferocity in the opposition to this President. That is simply a fact. Given how accommodating he's been, its pretty difficult to write that off to policy differences. So what are we left with to explain it? I think that ultimately we all know the answer to that one.

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