Sunday, August 3, 2014

Getting into the vineyard state of mind

This coming Saturday the Obama family will do what they have always done in August since they moved into the White House - take a family vacation to Martha's Vineyard. Conservative websites are gearing up as we speak to be outraged (outraged, I tell ya!!!) at the fact that the President and his family will soon be seen...

Going for bike rides

Playing golf

Visting local establishments

Going for walks

Shaking hands

Buying treats

And holding meetings with National Security Advisor Susan Rice. 

Now...if you're smarter than the average teapublican, you will have noticed that one of those is not like the others. Even the brighter ones have to pretend not to notice because it puts a real harsh on their buzz of rage. 

As for me, I'm hoping that the whole family enjoys getting into the "vineyard state of mind." After all, it is the soul that must be preserved.

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