Thursday, August 21, 2014

The new sheriff in town

The shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent events in Ferguson, MO have resulted in the media finally waking up to something I wrote about over three years ago: the Civil Rights Division of DOJ has been extremely aggressive in going after police brutality
"I think the Civil Rights Division in this administration has been much more aggressive in pursuing police misconduct, both in criminal cases and especially the big civil 'pattern and practice' cases ... to reform police departments," said Samuel Bagenstos, a University of Michigan law professor who was the administration's second-ranking civil rights official from 2009 to 2011.
And so, when AG Eric Holder visited Ferguson yesterday and met with community members to discuss their concerns, this was at least one of the messages he was sending to local law enforcement as they investigate the shooting of Michael Brown and respond to protesters:
"I expect that when all this cools down, you'll see the Civil Rights Division pursing a pattern-and-practice investigation" of the Ferguson police, he [Bagenstos] said, "both for what happened to Michael Brown and what's happened since."
Time to straighten up boys. There's a new sheriff in town.


  1. Hi SP
    How refreshing and reassuring to see AG Holder in Ferguson yesterday. I have been keeping up with your very early identification of Mr. Holder as the man to watch in the Obama admin. His journey has been remarkable which is why the Southern Senators have pursued him with demonic energy. They have sensed his authenticity, his lack of fear or concern for all of their paper tigers and their general dishonesty. His majesty and elegance are self-evident and that is why they fear him.

    Thanks for your diligence in bringing this remarkable man and his efforts to the forefront!!

    1. Thank you for following it all with me. I think some on the left are finally waking up after Holder was vilified by many for so long.


    You had to know the guy in the pic was going places.