Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thought for the Day: Sometimes...

Years ago a friend and I took a vacation to the Enchanted Circle of New Mexico. One day we were hiking and stopped to take a break. The view was so beautiful and calming that I wanted to be able to reflect on it when I got home and the stressors started to build. So I focused, not just on what my eyes were seeing, but also what my ears were hearing and my nose was smelling and my mouth was tasting and my skin was feeling. I wanted to record the whole package.

As we resumed our hike, the tears started to fall unexpectedly. Recording that scene had put me so "in the moment" that I'd shed all the layers of accommodation I normally carry around to protect the most vulnerable part of myself. In that one moment - I was truly and authentically me. They were tears of relief at being found, not sorrow.

Or as Norah Jones would say...
And in this place
where your arms unfold
here at last, you see your ancient face.
Now you know...
Now you know.


  1. Nancy, I did this in the Rocky Mountains years ago, I was a pretty difficult time and my sister & I went to Idaho to visit my brother. We took a day trip to Sun Valley, they went golfing & I stayed at the lodge and just reflected on what was going on within myself and putting some perspective in going forward. It was the most rewarding day of my life. I cried a lot and just letting the Universe into me and Love. I look at that picture & I feel the same. Thank you.