Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dear Pundits: President Obama just cleaned up the mess you made

When you hear that the President of the United States is going to give a 15 minute speech in prime time, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it will not contain the kind of detail he included in his speech on counterterrorism back in May of 2013. Its obvious he had something else in mind.

President Obama's goal tonight was to clean up the mess the pundits have made in this whole situation with ISIS. And so he let us know that:
  • Contrary to the pundit's endless obsession with misunderstanding what he said about "we don't have a strategy," yes...we have a strategy,
  • No, ISIS does not threaten the U.S. right now,
  • No, ISIS does not represent Islam,
  • Yes, ISIS is a current threat to our allies in the Middle East and is a potential threat to the U.S.,
  • We will conduct air strikes against ISIS,
  • We have built an international coalition to fight ISIS,
  • We will not send ground troops to Iraq to fight ISIS,
  • This is NOT an Iraq War III,
  • President Obama is providing leadership to get the job done.
To those of us who have actually been listening to the President all along, this is nothing new. But his message has been so distorted by a ranting media and GOP lies that he needed to calm the fears that were building with more casual observers. If folks will just chill and recognize what he was trying to accomplish, you'd see that he did a damn fine job.


  1. Exactly. Journalists should be trying to enlighten us with facts, rather than attempting to entertain with fabricated drama. The Middle East is an unstable and complicated region with plenty of history that could be the topic of news shows instead of a bunch of commentators providing useless and irrelevant opinions on policy.

  2. Excellent points. Political discourse in America is such a toxic brew right now that a thoughtful person such a President Obama simply doesn't conform to the mental set of far too many.