Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Some dank cave of the American Id"

The other day I suggested that fear was at the root of much of the reaction we see to President Obama. Today Charles Pierce puts my writing skills to shame in response to the news that this President has had three times the number of threats on his life as past presidents.
...there has been a wildness in the air around this president ever since it became clear first, that he was going to be the nominee, and then, that he was going to be the president. It was as though the glowing enthusiasm and the occasionally embarrassingly messianic fervor of his supporters back in 2007 and 2008 summoned up a dark energy on the other side, a Nemesis out of some undying part of the national soul, out of some dank cave of the American Id.
We all have tried to find ways to deal with that "dark energy." I don't you about you, but this one speaks as much to me today as it did six years ago.

Let's not kick out the darkness...Make the LIGHT Brighter!!!


  1. Thank you for the video. I'd never seen that before. I agree with you and Pierce. For the soul suckers right and left, joy, laughter, hope - are like throwing red meat to a rabid jackal (I don't know if jackal are every considered "rabid" but I'm taking poetic license here). Having been raised Catholic I am certainly no expert on the Bible, but a friend used to quote Revelations, which said "that which has been in the dark will come into the light" (paraphrasing).

    The only thing that sustains me is the belief that healing requires surfacing of toxins and the release of what is causing the disease in the body. Maybe that's what we are experiencing in the "body politic", and not to get all "woo woo" but perhaps PBO unconsciously knows in his soul that's one of the things he is here to do.

  2. Thank you for posting that video. Gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. I totally agree Kathleen; I also see it as toxins needing to be surfaced. I think the disease was always there. Aren't we lucky to have such an amazing President?!

  3. Thank you, Nancy, for posting this video. I never saw this one before.


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