Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Bear Is Loose!!!!

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think that the cowardly Democrats who were running in the midterms not only asked President Obama to hold off on executive orders about immigration, they asked him to step back on doing much of anything during the campaign.

I say that as someone who follows this administration closely. Over the last couple of months - except for trying to quiet the fear-mongering about Ebola - President Obama didn't initiate much. I actually found myself somewhat bored in trying to decide what to write about.

But boy - ever since the elections were over last week, I can't keep up. We've seen:
  1. Loretta Lynch nominated to be our next Attorney General
  2. Recommendations on net neutrality
  3. An historic agreement with China on climate change
Then there are the more subtle/symbolic things, like the nominees for the Medal of Freedom and today's announcement of a White House Report on Women and Girls of Color.

Waiting in the wings are:
  1. Those potential executive orders on immigration
  2. Whether or not negotiators will reach a deal on Iranian nuclear activities
  3. Announcements about the first-year results of President Obama's clemency initiative.
What am I missing?

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama said that this would be a "Year of Action" utilizing his "pen and phone strategy." This President keeps his promises. And that BEAR IS LOOSE!!!


  1. Good thing Obama is doing all of this because the lame duck congress is putting the lame in lame duck. Schumer said they won't try to confirm Loretta Lynch until the next congress. They also aren't going to push any legislation, other than passing the Keystone Pipeline measure to try to help Mary Landrieu win her runoff. Interesting that the DSCC decided not to send her money the other day. So this will probably be another bonehead move on their part.

  2. Nancy, I agree with your analysis. I read that Dems asked the President to lay low on immigration and it looked like everything else until after the elections. He is coming out strong now and knocking the GOP on their butts from his press conference onward. He obviously had a lot or all of this in the pipeline for quite some time. No wonder he was so cheerful in the presser. I wonder what else he has up his sleeve!

    And I'm actually liking how this worked to be after the election. Now the GOP will have to govern. Even conservatives are telling them that they can't just be opposed to Pres Obama on immigration reform, they actually have to do something. Politico had an article about Cruz being all alone on ObamaCare repeal. All the fricking Ebola/ISIS/GOP Midterms election noise has died down in the press and the media needs something to talk about. Pres Obama steps up with one home run out of the stands after another.

    I hope the Democrats do learn something. I've been tweeting and writing them when I have the opportunity. Pres Obama is so obviously capable, competent and compassionate. I think it would have made a huge difference if Dems stood with him and his record when they campaigned. Even if the results had been the same, they would have lost with honor.

    I'm looking forward not back and so enthused to be a part of his agenda in the next two years. I enjoy every bit of his presidency.

    Regarding Landrieu, here's an article that says Keystone is dead. I contacted Dems to tell them to take a stand for Dems and not pass it. It wouldn't cause RWers to vote for her anyway. I doubt sincerely if the average low-info voter even knows what it is and wouldn't care if the Senate did pass it. This article sounds like it's going away on it's own anyway.

    Keystone XL Dies Quietly As Canada Approves Alternate Proposal

    Here's a nice analysis of why the Senate might wait to confirm Loretta Lynch until the next congress. A bit of rope-a-dope by Harry Reid.

    Bold strategy if decision made by Democrats to move Loretta Lynch nomination for attorney general after power change

    And for sheer fun


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