Thursday, December 18, 2014

In which I agree with an Erick Erickson tweet

I sure do agree with that! Of course, not in the way he meant it.

Its true that using the power of partnership is often associated with females - although not exclusively (see: Nelson Mandela). The idea of dominance as the only form of power strikes many of us as a massive "dick-swinging" contest.

What Erickson is reacting to is the use of the power of partnership by a male president. Being a consummate dick-swinger - Erickson doesn't even begin to grasp what that means. So he simply resorts to calling it "girly."

But YES! Look at us now: finally ending the last artifact of the Cold War and watching Russia tumble into the abyss - all while we are likely to be within reach of an agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons, ISIS' momentum has been stopped (although they are not defeated yet) and the new Iraqi Prime Minister is uniting Sunni and Shia in his country.

Not bad for a girly-man.



  1. Thank you for this. I've been watching since the Honduran coup to see if we had, in fact, REAL change. We did. Unlike any previous president, President Obama did not immediately or ever embrace the RW leadership. He (and SOS Clinton) pushed for Honduran inclusion in Latin American organizations that themselves had ample reason to disdain extremism and put a guard on Honduran expansionism and RW actions led by Honduran neighbors, NOT the USA. In so doing, Obama broke with the National Security directive #68 written in 1947 that required the US to intervene whenever a nation sneezes and to do so in our perceived 'national interest'. This pernicious directive has led us into countless wars, despicable actions (School of the Americas), and alliances with thugs. It has now ended. If that's being a 'girly man' bring THAT on because it keeps us safe and keeps us out of conflicts that make things only worse. Way to go, Mr. President. Way to go.

  2. Ah yes the "girly man" insult. Besides the FACT that PBO has had a string of Foreign Policy Successes, there's nothing like a paunchy, wide assed, never missed a meal, chicken hawk conservative making the claim.


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