Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quick Take

Here's Rep. Raul Labrador expressing his frustration at the fact that the Democrats successfully filibustered the inclusion of a repeal of President Obama's immigration actions as part of the bill funding the Department of Homeland Security.
If we're going to allow seven Democratic senators to decide what the agenda is of the House Republican conference or the Senate Republican majority, then we might as well just give them the chairmanships, give them the leadership of the Senate, and allow them to decide what the agenda for the American people is going to be.
Of course, this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the ancient history of 2010 - 2012 when 7 Republican Senators were able to decide the agenda for the Senate Democratic majority. Or 2012-2014 when it was down to 5 Republicans making the call.

It is rather amusing to watch these folks throw a temper tantrum over a process they were happy to exploite.



    Now that Republicans are in the majority, their view of the filibuster has changed. Many Republicans are arguing against “obstruction,” which isn’t obstruction at all. Republicans obstructed legislation that they supported for the singular purpose of not letting legislation pass the Senate. In contrast, Senate Democrats are voting against a bill that they wholeheartedly oppose. Senate Democrats will not support the part of the legislation that overturns President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.


    As noted the Sen DEMs "NO" vote is not Obstruction...

  2. It's amusing, but it keeps working for them.


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