Saturday, February 21, 2015

Things In D.C. Are Going to Get Real Interesting Real Fast

In case you didn't notice, Congress has been in recess over the last week. In the meantime, things got pretty ugly out there. But if you recall, just before they left, the consensus was that the new Republican Congress was failing because they couldn't seem to come up with a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security. We haven't heard much about that over the last few days as Republicans went on a rampage of accusing President Obama of "not being one of us." But all of that is going to change next week. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner have until next Friday to come up with a solution to the DHS funding issue.

A look at the calendar suggests that Republican leadership is going to have their hands full just as that deadline approaches. For example, later this week CPAC will be having their annual convention with headline speakers like Sarah Palin and Sen. Ted Cruz. That will give the lunatic "shut it all down" caucus a pretty big platform from which to attack the RINO's who need a compromise to get this thing resolved.

Also on the horizon, Speaker Boehner has PM Netanyahu scheduled to address Congress on March 3rd, just 4 days after that deadline hits. Something I hadn't noticed before is that the first deadline for the negotiations with Iran comes on Sunday, March 1st. That means that if the negotiations are successful, an overall political framework for an agreement will be announced 2 days before Netanyahu's speech (negotiators have until July 1st to reach agreement on the technical details) and 2 days after the deadline to approve DHS funding.

These are the things that will dominate the headlines over the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, just to make things even more interesting, today President Obama dedicated his weekly address to the issue of fast-track authority for trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The President basically echoed what he said during his interview with Matt Yglesias. But as that issue comes to the fore, it likely means that Republicans will be working with him and the poutragers on the left will resurface all their accusations about how this President sold us out to the plutocrats.

So hold onto your hat folks. The next couple of weeks are going to get VERY interesting!! Pretty soon everyone will have forgotten about poor old Giuliani.


  1. I love the way you frame this kind of thing, Nancy. Well done.

  2. I gonna need some popcorn.


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