Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GOP Sanity? Oh No - We Can't Have That!

It's clear that the sanity expressed by Former Secretary of State James Baker on Israel and Iran that I wrote about yesterday has posed a bit of a problem for Jeb Bush. The so-called "establishment candidate" is already in trouble with the Republican base for his lackluster demonization of Common Core and his position on immigration reform. So it should come as no surprise that today the latest Bush candidate for president had to respond to Baker's speech with an op-ed in the National Review.

Jeb didn't really say anything noteworthy in his commentary. It contains all of the usual distortions about President Obama's actual positions and policies as well as being completely devoid of alternatives. But I have to say that this sentence is particularly absurd coming from someone named Bush.
And Iraq continues to fall further under Iran’s orbit — a surrender of American influence and an insult to the troops and commanders who sacrificed mightily to stabilize that country.
Of course Jeb wants us to blame that on Obama and completely forget that it was his bother's decision to force regime change in Iraq that installed a Shia government led by Iran-friendly Nouri al-Maliki - whose suppression of Sunnis is what led to the formation of ISIS in Iraq.

But nevermind...Jeb has a presidential campaign to run. Appealing to Republican sanity has become a losing proposition.


  1. It was also his brother who failed to get a SOFA with Iraq. But hey, when has a Bush ever been in touch with reality?

  2. So, as it stands at the moment, after six years of Obama-rule, is America on better terms with the only democratic country in the middle east, or is it more 'touchy-feely' with one of the most hideous, murderous dictatorships in the region with a government that hates and despises America and everything it stands for?

    Jest askin'!

    1. We're "touchy-feely" with Iran to about the same extent Reagan was "touchy-feely" with Russia when he initiated negotiations on START 1.

    2. But happily Reagan didn't ditch his European allies whilst doing so!


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