Monday, March 30, 2015

Sununu's Lunacy

Sometimes I use the work "lunatic" to describe the right wing that has seemingly taken over the Republican Party these days. Believe a former mental health professional, I don't use that term lightly. It is meant to describe things like this:

Yes folks, that is the former Republican Governor of New Hampshire and Chief of Staff for President George HW Bush suggesting that it is President Obama who is "inciting" birthers by making a trip to Kenya.

A sane person would recognize that it is the birthers who are responsible for their own nonsense rather than blame it on the object of their deranged obsessions. But that's not what we get from a leader of what used to be known as the "Grand Old Party" that once claimed the mantle of "personal responsibility."

Of course, lost in that discussion was also the fact that the President will be traveling to Kenya to attend the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit - the goal of which is to spur economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions and improve security in African nations. And so the pettiness of Sununu's suggestion that it's all about inciting birthers is a direct insult to people all over that continent.

The truth is that I'm probably being kind to call that kind of thing lunacy.


  1. "suggesting that it is President Obama who is "inciting" birthers by making a trip to Kenya."

    That's what ALL his friends named HARVEY keep telling him!

  2. Apt description from a story at Talking Points Memo: "Geriatric rage lord John Sununu"

  3. In my dealings with birthers over the years, I've never noticed that they need inciting. They'll make up their own reasons to be upset, regardless of whether it exists in what the rest of us call "reality." I have seen some of the liberal sites suggesting that he take the trip as an opportunity to conduct an epic trolling of the birthers.

    The fact that Sununu is "concerned" by the birthers when no one else really pays them attention any longer is more an indicator of his own poorly hidden bigotry than any genuine issue.


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