Saturday, June 20, 2015

This one seems to be beyond them

Apparently Republicans think it's easier to understand young people on the other side of the globe who join ISIS than they do the racists in their own back yard.


  1. They can't and won't. Every single one of them is terrified to call it what it is. They know if they do their political career is over. That's why during the primaries GOP candidates that have a moderate position on whatever issue have to abandon it completely.

  2. Willful ignorance. The guy constantly ranted against black people and said he considered them a threat, talked about defending "the white race", said he wanted to start a race war, invoked the old black = rapist trope, and left an interminable explicitly-racist manifesto on the internet. Short of getting up on top of city hall and shouting "I am a racist" through a bullhorn, there's no way he could have made it any clearer what this is about. There's nothing easier than understanding his mind. As Woody says, the Republican party is now so debased that getting negative about racism will actually damage a politician's chances with its voters. What an indictment.


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