Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Costs of Brainwashing

Occasionally I try to write about a deeper feminism that goes beyond things like equal pay and reproductive choice (as important as those things are). Along those lines, I was absolutely blown away by what Dustin Hoffman said about what he learned while making the movie "Tootsie." Please watch.

Oh, and here's a little message to the men who watch this: There is absolutely NOTHING sexier to a woman than a man who understands us this deeply!

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  1. Don't even have words about how this affects us, women. Such wonderful PEOPLE we are - and too many of us, not fulfilling the image, get left behind. I also think it impacts aging - are we comfortable in our own skin when that skin loses elasticity, we get bulges, we aren't 'perfect'. I respect Dove for their ads featuring "imperfect" women who are stunning in their own being but not Victoria Secret models. I loved Tricia Yearwood'd video of "Real, Live Woman" with less than ideal women seen as fantastic nonetheless. We are changing these pernicious images, but too many young women still think they are fatally flawed if they don't look like anorexic celebrities. And hooray to Dustin Hoffman for seeing what he had done. Hooray to all men who like us for the whole of who we are.