Monday, November 16, 2015

A New Gig

In case you haven't heard yet, this morning Paul Glastris (editor in chief at the Washington Monthly) announced that Ed Kilgore will be leaving his position at the Political Animal to begin a new job at New York magazine. Congrats to Ed!

Here's what comes next:
We’ll be handing over the reins of Political Animal to a rising star in the blogging world, a wonderful writer who’s been contributing on weekends and filling in for Ed for a while: Nancy LeTourneau. Joining her will be another shrewd political observer who’s also been writing great stuff for us: Martin Longman.
I'm already getting some ribbing from my friends who are saying: "Rising your age????" It's all in fun. But it's also a reminder that it's never too late to take a shot at doing what you love. For me, that's meant writing about politics. Initially it was just a hobby. And now look what's happening!

In case you are wondering what will happen to this blog, I haven't completely decided yet. But until further notice, I'll keep posting here. I have eight years of wonderful memories associated with this place - and a lot of you to thank for that.


  1. Interesting

    Used to read The Political Animal often when Benen was there. For me, Benen worked much better than Kilgore. Hadn't read the Political Animal in quite a bit. Looks like that's gonna change....:-)

    conGRATS!!!! My paraphrasing of Steed to Mrs. Peel remains: "You're needed"

    Do well

    1. Hey my friend!

      Whowouldathunk all this 2 years ago, huh? It's been a fascinating ride so far!

  2. Nancy!!! Nicely done. Good for you.

  3. Congrats! I've been enjoying reading your work over there for a while now.

  4. It's cool to see the years of hard work pay off like this. How do you plan to celebrate?


  5. Congratulations, Nancy!

    In my opinion, some of the best writing on any subject but especially politics, comes from you. I was pleased to see you posting at the PA on the weekends but this is even better. Well deserved recognition for your clear headed analysis.


  6. ****CONGRATULATIONS, SP!!!! Wishing you every success in this 'newer' role!****

    ps: You continue to be 'SP' to me.

  7. Congratulations Nancy, what a wonderful career move for you. Love your writing and will go over there and read you also. Normally don't go there since Benen left, so now I can go back. Love your work.

  8. Congratulations and so deserved!

  9. Congrats! True story: I used to read the Political Animal but was frustrated that you didn't write enough for them, which is what prompted me to seek out your blog. Guess I'm going to have to go back to the Politcal Animal.

  10. Congratulations, Nancy! I'll read what you have to say wherever you choose to say it, but I'm glad you're not [yet] abandoning this blog. Benen - Kilgore - LeTourneau is a great progression, and excellent company!

  11. Big kudos for you!! I shall weep if we lose this site. I love it that much.

  12. Congratulations! I have really enjoyed your posts at the Political Animal and am looking forward to more of them.