Sunday, April 30, 2023

Hunter Biden's Laptop Is a Total Nothingburger

Right wing lawyer Jonathan Turley thinks the shoe is about to drop on the Biden family. Reading his piece I was reminded that nothing in this whole scenario about Hunter's laptop makes any sense. 

First of all, the ultimate claim of the Twitter files was that the story about the laptop at the New York Post was suppressed and that if voters knew about it, Trump would have likely won re-election. we know. Twitter only blocked the NYP article for about a day and right wingers have been talking about it relentlessly for 2 1/2 years. Several news outlets have gotten access to hard drives that supposedly contain the contents of the laptop and, to various degrees, they have confirmed their authenticity. 

As a result, every right wing journalist/politician who has an ax to grind against President Biden has had a couple of years to comb through those hard drives for something - anything - that they can use against the president or his family. So far we've gotten nothing but a few dickpics from the days when Hunter was abusing drugs.

But for Representatives Jim Jordan and James Comer - the hunt continues.

At this point, the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney for Delaware, David Weiss, is still investigating Hunter Biden. There have been leaks about possible charges, mostly related to tax evasion. But those leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. It is, however, very possible that Hunter could eventually face criminal charges. If the evidence is there, so be it. 

But when it comes to the laptop right wingers are so obsessed's obviously a total nothingburger!


  1. A nothingburger, but it only that meant as one might think, "well, that's over with." Instead, they can keep it in the headlines through compounded lies, their paid media outlets, and all too often the compliant mainstream media, although for once the NY Times has not got much suckered into this one. (They're still reporting inflation as a monster, though.)

    1. Oh, two more just today in the NY Times as so-called liberal media. Kevin Drum, relying heavily on a finer piece by a former Times reporter, Don McNeil, points to a feature in the Sunday Times Magazine. David Wallace-Wells, a regular oped contributor, plays conservative attack dog in an interview with Anthony Fauci. And at New York Magazine's Intelligence blog, a review of the weekend's White House Correspondent Dinner includes a truly shameful quote from the Times. In covering the last such event, it denounced a speaker for deriding a Trump ally, calling it grounds for the end of the event for good.


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