Saturday, April 30, 2011

And humor helps too


If you find that amusing, head on over the Stonekettle Station for Smile, You're On Occam's Razor.

If you don't come back having experienced multiple belly laughs leading to tears in your eyes, I'll give you a full refund...promise!

(h/t to The Obama Diary)


  1. Smarty -- writer/editor/pedant that I am, one of the funniest things to me in Stonekettle's rules of commenting was his rant about ending every sentence with an ellipsis. The only time I've seen this really taken to extremes is by one particularly moronic poster on the BBC's Mark Mardell's site. She didn't use the ellipses at first but then seemed to decide that ending every single sentence that way gave her some kind of gravitas or made her look thoughtful, when all it did was make her look like more of an idiot.

    My internet works very s-l-o-w-l-y on weekends and it's driving me insane. I have my own passworded wireless network (daughter insisted on that and her boyfriend set it all up) so I don't understand this.

    Could I have been hacked? Must ask the sin-in-law (not a typo). (On Aug. 5 he morphs into a son-in-law.)

    Di, saw your last on Phoebe thread, came here because there's less black. (No slur on Obama, I swear!)

  2. I've only just managed to get the glue off my fingers. Issy has gone home proudly waving her kite, but I'm doubtful it will ever fly!
    It's lovely though how you can impress an eight year old with some tissue paper, sticks torn from a bush in the garden and a tube of glue. Oh that grown ups were so easy to please. :)

  3. PS. Robbie.
    I had trouble with my wireless signal the other week. Mine is via fibre optic cable and it's normally fine. It turned out the company's signal had somehow dropped in strength. They tweaked something at their HQ and it's fine now. So perhaps it isn't at your end.

  4. PPS. for Robbie and Smarty. Here is my email address just in case.

  5. Di, what I think is amazing is that any 8-year-old today can be happy working with twigs and paper and glue; from what I read most of them (at least in the US) are too busy with their video games, phones, and tweets. Your granddaughter sounds like she's got her priorities straight!

    My internet slows way down every weekend, starting Friday evenings and not returning to normal until Monday mornings. I think it could be the ISP and not my personal network but either way it's annoying.

    I'll send you an email and then you'll have my address too. In case Smarty doesn't want us clogging her blog with trivia forever!

    (Besides, it's confusing checking threads to see where we might be! Now, if Smarty––and I wish I knew her name!––could set up threads just for us…) (Ack, an ellipsis!)

  6. Smarty, I clicked on the email link in your profile and something came up that wants me to open a mail account. I don't understand what that is, and my daughter (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has told me never to click on mysterious things, and anyway I don't think I can deal with even one more account that wants me to have passwords and such, which I assume that probably does.

    One time I clicked on a link in a blog, not MT's, and it went to something that told me my Windows (I have a Mac) was virus-ridden and then it wouldn't let me go and the only thing I could do was force-quit Firefox. And it was a regular poster who had posted the link and he was very embarrassed when I told him what had happened. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

  7. I don't know what's up with that email link. When I click on it - it opens an email addressed to me. But no, I'd definitely follow your daughter's advice and not open it.

    Anyway, my address is:


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