Friday, July 29, 2011

Calculated evil or stark raving madness?

When dealing with the Republicans (particularly of the tea bagger variety), one is often faced with the question of whether or not we're looking at calculated evil or stark raving madness.

If its the former, p m carpenter has a point.

This thought does occur.

It may be that congressional Republicans privately have removed brinkmanship from the table; that their revised plan is to ensure that no default-avoiding bill, under any circumstances -- not even their own -- shall emerge from Congress; and that a guaranteed default will thereby force President Obama to reluctantly exercise the Constitutional option next week, thus creating the grounds for another year-long distraction: impeachment.


  1. It almost looks like some sort of pack mentality has taken over the tea party contingent. Hatred of Obama and fear of losing control seem to have permeated Republican ranks and snowballed clear out of control.

    I'm rereading the Shock Doctrine because I think that exactly whats going on here. This whole this is another calculated, created crises, invented by far right extremists in an attempt to hang onto the levers of power held by well fed white male hands for centuries.


  2. It is probably helpful to remember that Reps Cantor & McCarthy, Koch brothers & Dick Armey recruited these wack jobs to do exactly what they are doing. They are not committed to John Boehner (TanMan). The agenda is to bring Pres. Obama down by destroying the economy and using ads to get people to hold him responsible or succumb to negative thinking and not vote. There is a very big game plan at work! No matter what happens now every AA, Hispanic, Asian, senior, disabled must walk, crawl and run to the polls. He will need every democratic candidate up and down the ticket. If not his 2nd term will be worse than the first.


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