Friday, July 29, 2011

How netroots narratives hurt Democrats

OK, so we're down to the wire on this debt ceiling issue. We have 3 days to get something done or see the world economy go into chaos.

Boehner's plan passed the House today on a straight Republican Party line vote - not one Democrat voted for it. And it was quickly rejected by the Senate.

So now its up to Reid and McConnell to see if they can get something done in the Senate. Only McConnell has promised that Republicans will filibuster Reid's bill. So Reid is trying to negotiate with Republicans to get something that can a hurry.

The big news out of all of that is that McConnell is saying that Republicans will filibuster at this point - which will likely not allow time for a bill to pass by Tuesday. He's also into some kind of hissy fit about not negotiating with Reid - saying he'll only work with the President. WTF???? It's beginning to look like Republicans are aiming for a other words, that's their plan.

And THAT'S the message that we should all be trying to get out there. We should now switch from calling/emailing/tweeting members of the House to calling on McConnell to work with Reid and our Senators to get the damned thing done!!!

At least you'd think that should be our message. But what do we see on the front page of one of the biggest progressive blogs on the internet? This title:


With this picture:


Yeah, that's helpful...not!!!!!!!!!!


  1. They provide more of the talking points against Democrats than Frank Luntz's focus groups.

    If they spent just a third of their time attacking Republicans as they do Democrats, maybe we would see less of the media bullsh1t and more of the GOP being held accountable for their actions.

  2. They really are worthless POS and right wing trolls who are not 'progressive'in the least.

  3. I was rather offended after I checked out the cut-out picture on dkos, so I wrote a diary there to try and educate people about how to reach aims. If one or the other reasonable folks wander there, I would appreciate it. If it gets noticed at all, I expect sh!t storms to happen.,-or:-By-their-actions-you-shall-recognize-them?via=siderecent

  4. In a perverse way, it might be. Obama keeps stressing that the Democrats are willing to compromise and so the Republicans should be as well. The "poutrage" platoon gives him something he can show Boehner and McConnell and say, "see, I'm willing to take heat from the hard-liners on my own side -- you should be willing to take heat from the teabaggers."

  5. The problem is the loud left gets miffed and start talking about primarying the president. Then more reasonable TV hosts pick it up and start inviting Hamster, Adam Greed and any other seemingly "progressive activist" on their shows to discuss how awful Obama is. Even David Schuster gets in on the act and does a segment on his show about primarying the president.

    In the meantime, the GOP and Congress gets away with the sh1t they do because the right AND left are too busy bashing the Obama.

    This is why the progressive movement is largely a joke. They spend too much time, effort, money and energy into tearing down a Democrat rather than working within the system to effect change. But I guess that's too much work and it's much easier to sit, sh1t and complain on DFox all day.


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