Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some stories that caught my eye today (9/22/11)

First of all, Steve Benen had a great find today. Notice anything interesting in this picture from the last GOP debate?


Ya think it will cause the same stir that this one did?


Nah, me either. Of course Gov. Perry is patriotic. We know that because he's...oh wait, nevermind.

Secondly, did the DOJ really pay $16 for a muffin? Not likely.

Thirdly, from Greg Sargent comes the story that AFSCME is going to put some muscle (and $) into fighting for the American Jobs Act. Here's their first ad with an interesting twist.

Fourthly, the headline of the day goes to xpostfactoid for this one: You can't fact-check a dog whistle. You KNOW its going to be a good read when it starts out like that! And this one doesn't disappoint.

Finally, here's the photo of the day. This one's for you Speaker Boehner.


  1. My goodness. I'll be waiting to read the latest viral emails about the disrespect Gov. Perry is showing America by his refusal to put his hand over his heart.

    I've linked to this post. I believe we should all be fair and balanced in showing these two men and their non-hand-over-heartedness as an example of--ah, something.

  2. Thanks Shaw.

    But SURELY you're not suggesting the Republicans would be hypocritical about this - are you?



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