Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A thought experiment for the tea baggers

OK, so no one has every accused the tea baggers of thought. But still...lets take a little trip on their logic train - shall we?

We all know that when it comes to the tea bagger crowd - birtherism just won't die. What they suggest is that President Obama's short-form (and for some, his long-form) birth certificate is a forgery.

We also know that the federal government accepted it as proof of his place of birth when he applied for a passport and that either the passport or his birth certificate were enough to get a driver's license.

So if Barack Hussein Obama can get a passport and a driver's license based on a forged birth certificate, who's to say anyone can't do it?

And if we can get a fake picture ID, why would anyone have any confidence in them as proof of status for voting?

This is REALLY something someone should look into, don't you think?

< snark off >


  1. That's cruel, asking them to think. They're just gonna hurt themselves.

    OK, I'll be cruel too. Popcorn?

  2. They would just twist that to show only Real Palin Americans should have the right to vote... And we all know whom are the "Real Americans"....


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