Saturday, May 12, 2012

Taibbi haz a sad :-(

Apparently an election where what is at stake includes women's rights, GLBT rights, voting rights, global climate change, unions and the survival of the New Deal isn't interesting enough for Mr. Taibbi. He's so bored with it all.
...Obama and Romney feels like a contest between two calculating centrists, fighting for the right to serve as figurehead atop a bloated state apparatus that will operate according to the same demented imperial logic irrespective of who wins the White House.
I'm sure Entree can relate.

But from me, that one wins the "Crybaby of the Day" award.


  1. Indeed.

    "This year? It's been eerily quiet. The apathy factor in American presidential politics has seemingly never been higher."

    Maybe chez Taibbi. Not what I'm seeing and reading.

    Your link's broken, by the way. Try this:

    1. Thanks for the tip on the link. I think its fixed now. I really should check those things every now and then :-)

  2. Matt really has a problem with pur President. I reading any of his stuff about 3 years ago. President obama didn'y go after the big banks fast enough and throw somebody in jail or close Gitmo. These PL's have poor memories or just refuse to accept that our President is not God Almighty.
    To all the Mother's out there, Happy Mother'Days, May love and spirit bring you all a very happy day and your family. I am in Texas with my son and daughter in law birthdays and MD, I am blessed to be here for a month. Hot tho.

  3. Taibbi is a well-heeled white boy who thinks the world owes him vindication and righteousgasms of justice -- his FEELINGS and EGO are more important than the actual LIVES of lesser (i.e, not white, male, privileged) folks. He's no different in that regard than Useful Idiot Matt Damon, who yammered about how disappointed he was in Obama, wah wah wah. For all his reading of Howard Zinn, Damon seems to have skipped basic civics.