Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey bout walking your talk?

I have tremendous respect for the tenacity of people involved in things like the Brady Campaign who fight the good fight on gun reform even when no one else is paying attention. Mayor Bloomberg also gets kudos from me for his commitment to Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I loved it when he and Boston Mayor Tom Merino made this ad for the 2012 Superbowl.

But what pisses me off are the lefties who can't be bothered to talk about gun reform until the country is in an emotionally reactive state and the issue hits the headlines. Then all of the sudden its all on President Obama and other politicians who haven't done anything.

So this morning I had a little vision. Over at Daily Kos, there are liberals who are both gun reform advocates and gun rights advocates. There's even a fairly active RKBA group (Right to Keep and Bear Arms). What if a site like that sponsored a conversation to see if those two groups could come to some agreement about sensible gun reform? They could then propose the results as a model for what's possible. But perhaps even more important than that - they could show the country what its like to actually have a reasoned conversation about the issue.

If we want to break out of the logjam on this and many other problems that divide us, that would be a much more productive approach than simply yelling at politicians to do it for us.


  1. This is a reminder that I need to walk my own talk. I have work to do today!

    My ex, bless her (I think I mean that), was entirely convinced that complaining about problems in her life had an instrumental value. I never saw it, and the whole process was incredibly painful for me to participated in.

    This is entirely the approach of a broad swath of the left. The other part gets to work, but for us it's a big handicap.

    1. I should probably have a standing disclaimer at the top of the blog that when I talk about stuff like this, I'm preaching to myself as much as anyone else.

  2. There is much to be said about guns in America! Im in the control all of them based on provable circumstances, i.e. police, military, hunters, personal safety, entertainment, group.

    Which of those circumstances require AK47, Glock handgun, AR15, 6000 bullets, gas mask, chest, stomach and groin protectors?

    America is just too lazy and pampered and frightened to tackle this issue! Even Bloomberg lashed out at "presidential candidates", not NRA, ALEC, Koch Bros, repug/traitor seditionists in Congress, etc, etc.

    Where is the realistic body of the public that will speak with clarity? Guess not, we just keep on allowing the killing!!

    Sorry if I sound angry, I am!!


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