Monday, April 8, 2013

Jon Favreau on the sequester

A few weeks ago I heard that Jon Favreau - President Obama's former speechwriter - was going to be writing columns at The Daily Beast. Today we get to read his first about the sequester.

Based on the fact that President Obama has described Favreau as his "mind reader," I figured we'd be in for some insightful commentary. And he didn't disappoint.

But who knew Favreau could be so funny? For example:
Meanwhile, Republican leaders in Congress publicly and repeatedly rejected any budget deal that included even a dime more in taxes from anyone, ever, for as long as we all shall live, an obviously flexible position that many pundits believed could be easily changed with just one more invite to a White House mixer. But alas, the invite never came, for if there’s one thing a President who earned more votes than any Democrat in history can’t stomach, it’s people.
So go check Jon out. He's got a couple more good ones like that and a great breakdown on how the sequester is a glimpse into the lunacy being peddled these days by Republicans.

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