Monday, April 8, 2013

Reality check

Just so there is no confusion, I wanted to clarify what I mean when I post things like this.

Not poutrage:
With the demise or curtailment of most pensions, the drop in family wealth due to the collapse of the housing sector in 2008, the big unemployment numbers cutting into many families' life savings, the flattening or decrease of wages for most workers, and the inflation in many essentials among those who are working driving down the ability to save for retirement, this is the absolute last time we should be looking at cutting incomes for retirees.
Truly, good people, a line has been crossed.

Because if this president is willing to go after Social Security, the one federal program that is solvent, then there is truly nothing that is sacrosanct in terms of government that benefits ordinary people...

So if you are, say, a GenX'r who is probably looking at zero retirement savings now that you've been through the 401(k) scam, guess what, my friend? You have nobody, and I mean nobody in government who gives a shit about what happens to you. You think this is the last Social Security cut? Ha! A bus has left the station and you're under it.
See the difference?

One of the reasons you have to simply mock the poutragers is that its impossible to reason with them. Much like the lunatics on the right, they're not coming from a place of rationality - but from pure emotion wrapped up in scare tactics.

The reason that bugs me so much is that I want to hold liberals to a higher standard.


  1. The other symptom of "poutrage" is that the person usually refers to some "promise" which a politician supposedly made, which when examined, turned out to only exist in the mind of the person making the statement.

  2. I no longer consider these people liberals. The are just as afraid of change as conservatives and just as vocal and peevish about what they hold sacred. For all intents and purposes these poutragers ARE conservatives. So go on ahead and hold Liberals to a higher standard--real liberals and most moderates will redeem that expectation. These poutragers will never be satisfied with anything even remotely like progress and will never justify your faith in them. Stop calling them liberals and see how you feel about them then.