Saturday, August 24, 2013

Linda Ronstadt

This is sad news for one of the greatest female vocalists of my lifetime.


  1. This is so very sad. I knew her family & her way back in the day. She was a beautiful, sweet & talented young woman. We were so proud of her when she made it big.

    1. This hit me hard. She could do it all, Incredible talent. "They don't make them like that anymore".

  2. We had a lady in our choir who had to give up singing because of Parkinson's. She was no Linda Ronstadt, but it was tragic nonetheless. By the way, her Mexican BFF discovered a way to alleviate her symptoms: a shot of Tequila each time the poor thing shakes badly. It doesn't cure the disease, of course, but it stops the shaking.

  3. I saw Linda Ronstadt in concert once, she was the opening act. There was a problem with the mics and so she sang without a mic. It was miraculous! Her amazing voice filled the auditorium. I have never forgotten that experience. The only thing I have forgotten was the act that she was opening for.


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