Monday, December 23, 2013

For all the Humbugers

Gawd, I love this guy!!!


  1. My voicemail tells people to have whatever kind of day they feel like having. So I say to you, Ms Pants and friends thereof, "Have whatever kind of holiday you feel like having".

  2. Aplogies for double post. I'm totally comment challenged this evening on so many levels.

    1. Its not you Kathleen. This platform does that when you initially post but then goes away after that. Wish it would stop...dagnabbit!!!

    2. Whew! Thanks, Nancy! And Happy Holidays to you and yours. I enjoy your work so much. You help me keep what little sanity I have left.

    3. If you refresh the page after you double post appears, it goes away.

  3. Eve'nin, Nancy

    THANK ya for this and congrats, with your VERY special self :-), over at TOD.


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