Thursday, December 11, 2014

A couple of questions that Hillary Clinton (or any other Democratic '16 candidate) must answer

Do you think that the Republican commitment to total obstruction will continue if you are elected president? Or was that simply a strategy they employed against our first African American president?

If you think it will continue, what strategies will you use to implement the agenda you are proposing?

These questions are critical because - if we are going to have an honest discussion going forward - we have to be clear that the gridlock we've seen in Washington over the last 6 years is the responsibility of the Republicans.

To assume that the obstruction this President faced will end with his tenure is to affirm its racist roots. If a candidate wants to be direct about that, so be it. Lets have that conversation.

But any suggestion that Clinton (or any other candidate) can simply overcome it because they have a history of "reaching across the isle" is irrelevant. President Obama reached...and reached...and reached. It didn't matter.

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  1. All any politician would say in answer to those questions would be canned and unsatisfactory. Of course they'll all say they're going to reach across the aisle, then call on the next person asking questions. I'm now convinced that the American public doesn't give a rip about gridlock.