Friday, December 26, 2014

Jock vs Geek settled...I win!

I've had a long-running feud with Chipsticks about whether President Obama is a jock or a geek (nerd). Evidently the verdict is in.
When the cameras aren’t rolling, President Obama ponders honeybee colony collapse disorder, fusion energy, and climate change. In truth, he’s a real “science geek.”

That’s at least according to John Holdren, Obama’s chief adviser on science and technology. In an NPR interview reported by The Hill, Holdren said he believes Obama is the “most science-aware president since Thomas Jefferson.”
So...its Nancy for the WIN!!! But don't worry Chipsticks, I won't rub it in too much.



  1. He collects comic books. Collects, not reads. As in cardboard and mylar to keep it mint. What did Chipsticks think? Sheesh.

  2. Obama is both a jock and a geek. Sorta like the old Certs commercial ... it's a breath mint, it's a candy mint. It's two mints in one.


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