Friday, February 27, 2015

Breakdown Dead Ahead

Don't ask me how, but I've been privy to private communication from Majority Leader McConnell to Speaker Boehner today about DHS funding.



  1. I like what Ed Kilgore said today about why they want to wait three weeks to deal with this. I had a suspicion there was an agenda tied to this delay. His explanation is a plausible as any.

  2. Well, obviously you have an 'inside track', Nancy! This entire issue is shoving the nation closer and closer to "Breakdown" and it's good the GOP have let you in on the plan! But I am with Tien Le - it's a ploy at least on Boehner's part, to pretend a single jurisdiction's ruling settles the matter. Since when? Look at all the disputes over ACA that resulted, in the end, in the SCOTUS ruling upholding it. No presidential EO of this type - an administrative action not a challenge to the law - has ever been overturned. And for such a stupid argument at that. Yes - we're heading to a breakdown. I just hope beyond hope it's funny and not tragic.


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