Monday, July 27, 2015

Barack Obama on Faith and Politics in 2006

Here is a speech Barack Obama gave in 2006 on the topic of "Faith and Politics." In it he echoes many of the same themes he addressed during his commencement speech at Notre Dame in 2009.

My favorite part comes towards the end when he cautions those who claim that we are a "Christian nation" that if we really took the Sermon on the Mount seriously, our Defense Department might not survive :-)

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  1. Thank you Nancy. I had never heard this speech before & I am so glad you posted it. This is the person I voted for and he has not changed in the 11 years since. He really is a true inspiration and a true Leader. Part of me is going to miss him after 2017 but then, I am looking forward to seeing what he does when he is free of the yoke of Presidency. Thank you again.


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