Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Photos of the Day: Gettin' Your Yup'ik Groove On

The pictures of President Obama in Alaska have been spectacular. But of course, it always comes back to the children. Here he is doing a traditional Yup'ik dance with some cutie patooties in Dillingham, AK.

Whew! Time for a break and a group photo.

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  1. Trivia! One of the things that has entered "common knowledge" over the past decade or two is that "Inuit" is the preferred term for Northern peoples. Only thing is, "Inuit" doesn't mean "Northern people"; it refers to just one people, one that happens to dominate in Canada, but not in Alaska. So it would be a mistake, for example, to say that Obama had a photo op with some Inuit children; as noted, they're Yup'ik.

    In Alaska, "Eskimo" is not necessarily disrespectful; it's better than guessing "Inuit" and almost certainly guessing wrong. Say "Eskimo" if you're not sure, or even better, ask.