Sunday, January 17, 2016

On @FLOTUS Birthday, Celebrate Her Courage

Today is Michelle Obama's 52nd birthday. That is as good of a reason as I can come up with to remind you of this woman's courage. The words she spoke in Iowa back in 2007 ring even more true today than they were back then. Take a listen... and "be not afraid."


  1. What an extraordinary woman. As much as I admire and respect Barack Obama and look forward to his future when his presidency ends, the true star of the Obama family in the future may well be Michelle. She's been somewhat constrained by her position as First Lady.

  2. I never saw that before. My god, what a powerhouse she was and is! That speech, in so many respects, should be the touchstone of this difficult time. I'm looking forward to seeing what Michelle especially will do and be once their term in office is complete.