Saturday, February 13, 2021

Thought for the Day: On Being Radical


  1. I have thoughts; sorry.

    1) To me, "radical" is not necessarily good or bad. To be truly radical could be a good thing or a bad thing.

    2) "Good" radical would mean, to me, to make clear the path to that which had seemed unattainably good.

    3) I really wish "despair" couldn't serve as a verb, because my brain doesn't automatically slip the implied "make" in there until my mental grammar parser goes "verb, adjective SYNTAX ERROR ENCOUNTERED". It makes for a bumpier ride, which is a shame, because the gapping would have been nice on the first pass.

  2. If that rosy view of the present is what it takes to be radical, I'm an arch reactionary. Sorry.

    Of course, despair is one things, cynicism another, and it's a damaging feature of much grassroots politics and, as well, refusal to engage in politics on both left and right. At least I'm not going to pounce on the Democrats, like too many yet again, for not having called enough witnesses between House, Senate, existing evidence on tape and elsewhere, and their own bearing witness as having BEEN in the Capitol to win over the GOP. Or to win over those voters who seriously haven't found things bad enough. That kind of delusion over the possible or crying need to have one's feelings confirmed of which I speak is indeed cynicism and not radicalism, whatever it claims.

  3. Oh, and I had to verify images ten full rounds in order to post that, and I'm sure it will now torture me again while it refuses to remember that I just effectively logged in for the preceding comment. This stinks, big time.


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