Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Keep an eye on Pakou!!

I've been pretty busy this week with not much time to write. But I have to say that this morning, I'm really disappointed with one of the City Council Ward Elections that took place yesterday in St. Paul. My friend and co-worker Pakou Hang lost her bid to unseat an incumbent 46% to 54%.

Pakou, however, is one of those young people that will change the world. She is full of life, enthusiasm and energy. At the same time, she has a HUGE heart, is incredibly smart and one of the most organized people I've ever met. For today, she will not be serving on the St. Paul City Council - but look out world - Pakou is coming!!

And to my friend Pakou: Rest today. But we'll be looking for you tomorrow when its time to get back to changing the world - one little corner at a time.

This one's for you, because it so beautifully sums up what you're all about:

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