Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How bad are things for the GOP? Their new mantra is "no fools on our ticket."

Lots of people are making predictions about what is going to happen in 2014. My suggestion is that we all join Stephen in stocking up on popcorn to watch the battle that is about to be waged in the Republican Party. It promises to be highly entertaining.

After years of pandering to the lunatics in their ranks as a way to gin up Obama Derangement Syndrome, the 1%ers in the party have had enough. And of course, their response is to assume that they can buy the party back from the lunatics if they just spend enough money. Why would that surprise any of us coming from the folks who think money can fix anything?

And so on Christmas day, the Wall Street Journal told us that the Chamber of Commerce plans to spend $50 million "to support establishment, business-friendly candidates in primaries and the general election." But what was really amusing is how low they've set the bar.
"Our No. 1 focus is to make sure, when it comes to the Senate, that we have no loser candidates," said the business group's top political strategist, Scott Reed. "That will be our mantra: No fools on our ticket."
Might I suggest that when the best you've got is "no fools," its time to rethink a few things?

On the other side of the coin, the lunatics are gearing up for a blood bath. These are the folks the Chamber so affectionately calls "fools." How do you suppose they're going to react to that? Yep, the very same energy the Republicans fueled to win the 2010 midterms is now being unleashed against their own establishment.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving party...bring on the popcorn!


  1. So we get to root for the fools? That's awkward.

    FYI--did I mention how much I dislike .gifs? I liked them better when you could hit the escape key to get them to stop moving on the screen. That won't work anymore. Drives me batty and makes it hard to read the text.

    1. The whole reason for grabbing the popcorn is that we have no need to root for either side...just sit back and enjoy the show.

    2. No fools? That means jettisoning more than half of the GOP candidates.

    3. I think I'll root for the fools. If they field enough fools for the Senate, then we get to keep it.

  2. Oh looky! I learned how to turn off gifs! Yeah.

  3. I'm more observant about our own. Go to the various LW blogs and pol sites and you'll find the "Obama isn't liberal enough" crazies vs. the "Obama is God on earth" nut balls. Lots of talk of abandoning the party if Hillary Clinton is the nominee. Chances are they'll all do what they always do and fall in line when it comes down to crunch time, but there's certainly no guarantee.

  4. This is a good time to start donating to Democratic campaigns statewide or nationally. It's Obama's last chance to get a Congress worthy of his Presidency. Wouldn't that be wonderful. This is how we can leave the fools in the dust, and this could be the year that a lot of citizens decide that it's in their best interests to start voting for Democrats.


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